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WooBooking Update — Overlapped Booking
WooBooking Update — Overlapped Booking
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This feature enhancement increases the limit of overlapping bookings, providing more flexibility in scheduling appointments. Here's a simple guide to help you understand and use the Overlapped Bookings feature.

What is Overlapped Booking?

Previously, WooAI allowed for a limited number of overlapped bookings. Now, with the advanced Overlapped Bookings feature, you can have up to 25 overlapping appointments. But this feature will only work when the WooBooking toggle is ON.

How does it work?

  1. Ensure the WooBooking toggle is on

  2. WooAI will not suggest times that already have appointments

  3. If a lead selects a time slot that already has appointments with other leads and the number of overlapping bookings hasn't reached the maximum limit, WooAI will schedule the call at the chosen time

How to enable Overlapped Bookings:

  1. Go to your Campaign that has WooBooking ON

  2. Find the "Overlapped Bookings" on the WooBooking page

  3. Set the maximum number of overlapping appointments (up to 25)

Benefits of Overlapped Bookings:

  1. Increased flexibility in appointment scheduling

  2. Accommodate more leads with overlapping appointments

  3. Enhance the efficiency of the WooAI scheduling system

With Overlapped Bookings, you can now enjoy more flexibility and efficiency in managing appointments. Make sure to take advantage of this update to streamline your scheduling process and provide an improved experience for your leads.

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