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Zapier Update — Implement Appointment Cancelled Trigger
Zapier Update — Implement Appointment Cancelled Trigger
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We have included a new action in Zapier called "Appointment Cancelled". This feature makes it easy for you to send data from WooSender to your App when an appointment is canceled. Also, you can choose which data to push out as well.

When does it work?

Appointment deleted manually

When you delete an appointment manually from WooSender, the corresponding data for the canceled appointment will be automatically pushed out.

User deleted the contact

If a user removes a contact who has an appointment from WooSender, the appointment will be cancelled and then transmitted out.

Appointment deleted from the synced calendar (Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar)

If you sync your WooSender calendar with your Google or Outlook calendar, removing a WooSender appointment from your synced calendar will result in the cancellation of the appointment on your WooSender account and the data will be pushed out.

User changed the scheduled appointment's contact name

If you modify the name of a contact associated with a scheduled appointment to another person, the appointment will be canceled as the contact's name is now different and the data will be pushed out.

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